Just Imagine it…


“We the folk of this life; seeing no end to thirst or hunger and yet there it is! The Bounty of the Meredius and all she offers us just begging and tempting any good soul who is willing to put forth the sweat of his brow to collect! And that’s where I’ll be someday taking the greatest prize of them all for myself fighting anyone who dares take it from me with more teeth and nails than any animal. For my eye is set to the prize and getting off these streets Lucan, What I want is freedom, a type of freedom which is never coming to any of us till we take it, just like a first kiss. I may not be smart Lucan, but I see whats laid out plain as the day… the moment stop following our dreams we die. And I plan to live, and well out on that ocean. I plan to be legend… are you with me?”

Kelley James Essex, A once humble Ordic boy from Carre Dova



Life upon the Meredius is a vibrant mix of adventure and danger ill suited to the sensibilities of many a soul. Filled with intense weather, crashing waves, piracy and nightmarish abominations adrift upon black sails; only a true son or daughter of the sea can eek out a living upon her waters.

For all that is yours is not above the claim of another, yet should you crawl and writhe toward forging a name for yourself you will be counted among those very few of legend who live on to this day spoken in whispers and sung in song. Your days full of exotic wonders and foreign luxury not a day goes by that even the best Privateer, Pirate or Navalman doesn’t wonder what it is about the fickle mistress of the Meredius that keeps them invested.

Is it treasure? Is it fame? Is is triumph over the impossible? The firey anger in a scurvy dog is fed by many things but one truth remains certain…

Any many can live on the ground but no man is truly free till they prove it to the Sea.

Aboard the Anchor's Bane

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