Aboard the Anchor's Bane

Behind the Mask

Marionette Killer Unmasked.

The world is trapped and frozen in a black silhouette bearing only the faintest reminder of the horror that is to be unleashed. It resembles the muted awareness of an audience inside a theater whilst during its performance, still, motionless and silent. Stepping before him, the Marionette killer stands before Chaffer covered in fatal wounds with her arms outstretched as though to embrace him. Her body defied death itself in this place that only the darkest of powers that would make a terrible reality. Struggling for even a bit of movement Jehremi’s body trembled with a perfect stillness as his glare turned to his only weapon in this trapped moment in time. His mind shouted to fight as his breathing signified his awareness to the Marionette as she creeped slowly closer by the moment her blood leaving a vibrant trail in her wake.

“I’ve waited so long for his… I’ve ACHED for it.’

She sounds relieved as her fingertips grace the chin edge of her smooth Porcelain visage mask. A faint clicking sound rung out as it was pulled away from her. Chaffer’s face changed to confusion as he saw her face as nothing more than a luminous nebula of white mist or fog. His visions of her began to align with what he was seeing now his mind raced, was he unconscious right now?

“What’s wrong Chaffer? You had to have suspected it was me didn’t you?”

He couldn’t have forgotten that voice if he’d tried, the only woman to have loved him despite his innumerable sins, he heard the voice of Veronica DuBray. Tears formed in his eyes as he lost his will to fight hearing the confirmation

“…Why… even after I stood by you?”

A twisted sound of a cackle rolled out as the Marionette killer’s body nearly convulsed in amusement at that statement. Still holding the mask in his hand she continued her slow inevitable creep toward him with a dagger raised at his throat level. Trying to understand her mannerisms he became sure it couldn’t have been Veronica despite her voice.

“If you aren’t her… how do you have her voice?”

Without warning Chaffer saw her lunge forward and rake the knife against his breastplate. A new gruff voice spoke out to him one dripping with defiant hatred. He Heard the voice of Captain Maghada McCallahan of the Red Revenge.

“I’m hurt, you really don’t remember me do you? Here, inside this place; your mind is trying to fill in the gaps…. ha…haha AND YOU DON’T REMEMBER ME!?”

What started as a chuckle turned into a sinister and insane cackle as her knife rose high plunging into his shoulder as Chaffer winced still incapable of defense of any kind his groan was the only thing he could do to mark his displeasure which instantly caused her to stop and fret over him stroking his face and dabbing her finger in his blood before suckling it down inside what must have been her mouth making lusty sounds before whispering out in Lidda’s voice

“MMmm i’m sorry; I didn’t meant to hurt you! Mmm but you just get me so worked up… hehe but look you’re okay right? Besides this is just foreplay…”

The teether of laughter grated on him as Chaffer growled out

“You’ve killed thousands for chance to flirt?! Be done with it already; I don’t care who you are. You have me now… so end this. Take out whatever twisted plot you want out of me, I am through watching others die because of me!”

The overjoyed expression of the Marionette killer becomes muted and blank a deep anger seems to roll over her

“No… It’ll never end. I want you to see it! You have to see it. You WILL see it.”

Chaffer Screamed out “See what exactly!?”

To which a distantly familiar voice shouted out “Your face! You must see it! I don’t care if I have to bring you back over and over and over again You. will. see. it.”

In utter confusion Chaffer struggles against his invisible bonds before the Marionette Killer trembles with anger “YOU WILL SEE IT! Even IF I HAVE TO CRUSH THIS ACURSED MASK OF YOUR!”

She pushes her mask onto Jehremi’ face as he screams out in sheer agony

“They’ll all see you for who you are! They’ll know what you made of me! I won’t be your victim any Chaffer dear. I need you to see it, I want to make this work…. No one else but you can make this right!”


Loreun Loreun

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