Aboard the Anchor's Bane

Parley of Captain Essex

“You seem fond to paint me a villain.”

Kelley stated plainly as he sat back in his chair aboard The Majesty taking a long drag off his Cigar as he dismisses the fact he is addressing every major captain and another admiral of Both Ordic and Cygnaran Navy inside his Promenade.

“You commited treason agains-” Shouted one of the captains who was promptly interrupted by Kelley Essex again.

Wrong, I was cleaning up after you lot." *As he spoke Golrick sat up pulling out his bearded ax as an Orgun stepped forward in defense of his navy captain. Tension began to boil and Essex rose his Mechanikal hand up t show his palm to signify everyone to stand down. “Duncan McClay wanted an heir and you simply grandfathered the lad into leadership….”

The room fell silent and a few glances exchanged before someone muttered “We gave him everything he wanted and appeased his father, a serviceman of over 40 years for his majesty’s Navy. Does this mere entitlement permit you to call us corrupt? or absolve you of his murder or the theft of his ship?”

Essex plucked his Cigar from his Mechanikal limb and lifted up a glass of Azz Ekka Uldara’s recently brewed Moonshine hesitantly sipping before answering back. " Here’s my answer. Seeing as everyone here damn well knows me and my crew did what none of your had the balls to do, my payment was a Ship of the Line. All of us here already know just how corrupt the Navy is here…" *He a full gulp letting the drink sting and burn him for a moment to remind himself of pain before he glares back. “Or are you going to say slaughtering all of Blackreef Bay was some civic duty rather than Imprisonment? The List could go on but I’m just willing to accept that this country needs you as much as it needs someone like me… and my crews.”

A Cygnaran Captain sits up and looks to the Ordic Officers before responding to Essex. “These men didn’t blow off the chain of command, I’m confident they know how to follow and order regardless of their opinion about it; Unlike you sir. Even our ports heard of the Anchor’s Bane occasionally visiting Blackreef Bay, Whatever was there Captain Essex you won’t have us believe they were innocent or that you didn’t suspect it might turn out that way. Murder and rebellion are things that not up for Trial among Cygnar’s Navy.”

Essex slams both hands on the table and shoots up rising to meet the Cygnaran and Ordic High Command. “Murder?! Rebellion!? You watched as people died just so you could form a better plan, a lot have a different word for that, cowardice! You were just lucky it didn’t happen sooner and I’m making no garantees the entire populace of Five Fingers won’t make us into a symbol if you Execute us now. I’m a man of the Sea Gentleman, Murder is often what it takes just to stay float. But What happened to Admiral Lucan McClay. It may have been Murder, but at least i let him die thinking he was a worthy admiral rather than learn what his dream really amount to in your eyes… Nothing more than political favorings. I can abide a great many things but rob a man of his honest chance to earn his dream…..”

Essex took a deep breath and smiled to the powers that sit before him “Your city is safe now, thanks to in no small part the contributions of my crew and my virtues of being a Warcaster. The King knows where my loyalty lie and so do all of you, everyone of the men and women that serve under me right now absolutely know that the easier thing we could have done was leave this city to fester and die and you are free to debate if I was capable or not. But it’d be wise to consider what you have to gain from killing our crew compared to what you’ll lose, and get started in our wake. So instead seems we are stuck with one another with far more pressing matters to consider so either expose us to our enemies by removing one of your only Warcasters and his crew who fight to defend your citizens or do what we have already, and tolerate each other as necessary to the defense of the King and our cities.”

The captains looked around the promenades at each other, Essex could have been shot right now for his tone, even Golrick was surprised but Essex didn’t flinch one bit he stared at any man who’d the will to stare back. Silence remained as Kelley smiled bringing the Cigar to his mouth. “Seems you boys CAN actually be reasoned with, didn’t see that one coming ha. Not to worry we’ll get out of your way and business can carry on again soon.”

*Many a grimace spread across the faces of other officers as most rose one defiant admiral merely said “I wouldn’t gamble on this little agreement staying for very long Essex… Whatever it is you plan to do you better not expect all of our vessels to react so … Judiciously upon the sea. For the ship that never lingers for once a port seems to be your saving Grace.”

Essex waves him off and smiles pulling up a writ of the Green angel and thinking back to his gambling hall moment he met Morick fondly replying once more. “It’s never been luck…Mr. Steadfast we have work to do make sure it’s done ahead of schedule understood?”


Loreun Loreun

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