Aboard the Anchor's Bane

Reaping what was Sown.

Part 1

“Let’s be frank Malcolm, this city barely held together and I fear Captain Essex is right about the state of this Nation. She is falling apart like carrion on the streets with mongrels tearing it apart for scraps. The only way to stop the process is to fight it with our all… but I aim to look at things different than him. He’s determined to die some hero’s death in a last hurrah and I plan to see the end of this all.”

The man formerly known at Atticus Sweets looks to have admited a painful and compromising truth telling Malcolm Silverstone such a simple statement about his homeland. The Midlunder nods at that before shrugging and folding his arms inquiring “No offense sir, not exactly news worthy statement there.”

Atticus glares back at him before calmly placing his hands down upon his desk sighing and formulating the proper response to that.

“Possibly to you, I am convinced most do not know that for a fact they embrace the patriotism that this country has always thrived on which is to do more with less. Well, Mr. Silverstone I am suggesting we do just that and scour this city for the best of the best. Most of them have already seen that this ship will become legendary but I am looking for someone in particular. You mentioned you had friends interested in coming aboard?”

Malcolm raises an eyebrow and leans forward clearly interested in where this is going. To him it was very difficult to gain the attention of Captain Sweets, another thing entirely to have him think about you weeks after a victory. “Hmmm yes sir, I do have a few mates who would kill for a chance to serve with a man like you. Looking for any skill sets in particular”

Atticus stares through Malcolm before he hisses out

“All of them, but any men or women who are trackers and qualities strikers I will pay an extra 1/4 share for to employ. I am looking for someone now and find my old contracts… strained instead I need to release the hounds. Reach out to them all, on the double and perhaps we could consider who I name first mate still. I make no promises until after a private meeting with the crew of the Anchor’s Bane. Oh and one more thing Mr. Silverstone. Make certain no one is told of this, treat it as you would a mission back with the CRS understood. Need to know basis only.”

Malcolm hadn’t see Atticus so serious-minded or so liberal with his ledger this person must have inspired quite the confidence in him. Malcolm raised for his chair and saluted

“At once sir.”


Loreun Loreun

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