Abigail Di Vonos

The Marionette Killer


Within the port of Deceit a series of dreadful murders have taken place among the populace of Chaser Isle. The details of these affairs are ghastly, tales of strung up corpses and much worse have spread like wildfire. The one thing that is agreed upon is every murder takes place near the streets of Havershaw’s Folly for the last few months every few nights. The motive still has yet to be identified as the victims range from simple ship hands and beggars, to the most vicious killers and silver-tongued nobles.


First making an appearance in…." When Darkness Shivers " the Marionette Killer selects three victims engaging in a late night negotiation.

Second Appearance is in…" To Fathom Mystery" the Marionette Killer is shadowed by an Experienced cutthroat.

In Truth, This is Abigail Di Vonos a once pious Llaelese Morrowan priestess favoring the patron Ascendant of Rowan. During the Llaelese invasion by Khador the lands she and her brother sought to and protected were ravaged by bandits who were fleeing from Khador’s creeping battlelines. It wasn’t long till refugees begged for sanctuary from Khador and while her brother was hesitant Abigail offered her temple to the downtrodden as per her vows.

It was later discovered that Abigail’s own brother had joined in looting, raping and heinous acts of bizarre murders. Jehremi Chaeffer had discovered her brother’s terrible secret but never fathomed he was a fellow Thamarite as well. Conor didn’t dare exposing his secret and quickly affirmed upon murdering Chaeffer. Failing to sacrifice Chaeffer in time, the knight broke free and fight Conor and his thralls inside the cellar basement.

Rather than tell her, Chaeffer and his Llaelese supporters left keeping Conor’s fate secret from Abigail. Abigail grieved even while her chapel was being burnt to the ground by Khadorians for harboring rebel combatants. Inside the blaze Abigail found her hate pulling up her brother’s blade and dragging away the corpse of her brother from the ruins in a haze. Before she even realized it she had broken the resolve of the Khadorians, scattering them into the forests surrounding the temple grounds. She grew hungry for their deaths like a predator in the night picking them off one by one till the squad of 20 soldiers were cut down to the man.

Abigail had brought her brother to a burned down temple she knew had been safe by sending her brother to them earlier… it was there she saw the acts he wrought upon innocent people and animals and she realized the madness she was feeling right now was infact something the two shared. Rather than unnerve her it comforted her as she fell asleep cradling Conor in her arms.

During her sleep she hear the sound of a music box play in her sleep as she had relived the whole night in vivid detail as it shattered what was left of her humanity. She was awoken to the sound of a charred barn down opening up in which a man in black robes uncovered his and is previous partner Conor. He was a Thamarite and saw the one proud Priestess Di Vonos sick with rage and grief. She looked at him with pleading eyes and a shaking face asking for just one thing.

“Did he trust you? Did Conor trust you?” The figure smiled under his hood and saw the pride of a Morrowan broken and a gentle nudge was all he needed to do to make a powerful ally. Thus gave rise to the Corruption of a Morrowan Priestess to the will of Thamar and her dark Scion Lukas.

Abigail’s grief and anger turned to madness over the year she stayed with these dark figures. Her mind regressed to happier days in her life as a young girl who loved carnivals, rides, petting zoos but above all else Marionettes. She began to have sick fascinations and longings for her brother realizing that paying homage to Scion Lukas could give her vivid visions of her past, present and future. Slowly her mind warped and she craved living in such decadence that she began to refuse to believe her brother was still alive just sleeping.

Turning to the Thamar septs, Abigail quickly grew to prominence for her sick versions of cruelty and betrayal but above all else her gruesome methods of murder. It wasn’t long until High Captain Riordan offered her a chance to work for him with authority over the gangs he commanded and the Thamarite Cultists in his employ.

Abigail Di Vonos

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