Atticus Sweet

Captain of the Crown's Fallacy


With a quick smile and a kind word, Atticus Sweet, to all eyes, seems a likable kind soul willing to help those in need. In truth, those words, do begin to describe the man, but there is also a deep seated darkness to the man. Underneath those sparkling kind eyes and jovial playful smile is a man mired by years of torture, pain, loneliness, and desperation.

Atticus grew up the child of Jerimiah Sweet, Confectioner and baker, owner of the shop, Sweet’s Treats. His mother was a kind woman, also a baker, who would often leave any unsold bread or treats in the back alley in the evenings, for the poor children to have. It was a blessed life, with a loving hard working father and mother. But, of course, as in most tales in Five Fingers, it would not last. When he was five, Hikon Roughbeard, a smalltime thief and gangleader of The Crow’s Feet Gang, murdered his parents on the street in front of the shop, after refusing to pay for a loaf of bread. Hikon, took Atticus, knowing someone who paid good money for the whelps of the street, To mother Agatha of the “chalk”, a Menoth orphanage. For two gold Royals, Atticus became the property of this crazed Mistress of Menoth.
From five to about twelve, Atticus’ life was pain. He was beat constantly, his back ripped to shreds by Agatha’s vile cat of nine tails. Locked in the basement for weeks at a time, having to survive on water that drip through foundation cracks and by killing rats and birds he could catch. It was hell, supposed to bring him to accept Menoth. But instead, it bred strength, and a darkness, a monster. Inside him this monster grew, accepting the pain, the torture.
His time in the orphanage also gave him a chance to grow in other ways, being smaller than most kids, Atticus learned to us his wits to control those larger than him. His mind became his weapon. One he used to slowly gain control of the other kids at the Chalk. The orphanage also taught him to read and write, and his numbers and math. These would be important skills later, giving him an instant advantage over most of the common thieves in five fingers, whose education was lacking.
Which it did, for when he was Twelve, Atticus escaped, with a handful of following children. Escaping back to where he knew best, he found his parents old shop boarded up and abandoned. Atticus would use this shop as a base of operations. Slowly, The gang, his gang, the Sweetlings, was formed. And slowly and with much Strategy, they grew, becoming a powerful force in the neighborhood. When they were large enough, he sought out Hikon Roughbeard, and watched as his “men” cut him down in front of him. He grew his gang, working with the local Crimelords, into a force worth reckoning. But, on his eighteenth birthday, after a visit from a mysterious cloaked figure, Atticus dissappeared. A letter was left, leaving his closest friend, Samual Scruggs, the leader of the Sweetlings. But, no reason for his disappearence.
From time to time, he returns, always giving the respect of leadership when he is in town, but he only stays for a month, maybe two, before disappearing again. No one ask where he goes, no one asks why. He comes and he goes. But, when he does come back, things always seem to get exciting.

Atticus Sweet

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