Az Ekka/Uladar

Master Gunner


FILL IT IN!!!!!!!!


“Blasting day” Such a simple phrase but it’s music to my keen green notched ears. Captains can come and captains can go, only thing i’ll really listen to is the aftermath of my science. I’ve taken gunshots to my head and some say that might have made me a little… unhinged, but at least I got even.

Captain Essex has had a way with words though, from time to time he comes up with a good point and managed to bring me in contact with some rather rare chemicals and interesting problems to fix. He keeps me from that inevitable boredom we clever, cunning geniuses run into called “common life”.

Rather than repress my desire to … disassemble, Captain Essex recognized my genius for what it was and offered me a spot as an officer aboard his ship despite my erm… repututation, Myes. Also he had encouraged me to pick up hobbies which has proven admitantly useful over the years as I have developed an array of techniques and skills useful for more than just demolitions.

My list has progressed into Forensic analysis, Fire-arm Maintence and fabrication, Alchemy, Medicial knowledge and starting to find a keen hungry for crafting technology and mechinka Engineering.

Az Ekka/Uladar

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