Bartrand Ironfist

Orianna's Father


Orianna’s father, a miserable gambler was tempted back to his life as a underground Warjack boxer. His travels brought him back in contact with his daughter in Five Fingers in an area called “The Vault”. After a tearful match against his daughter and a miraculous disqualification Bartrand had one last night to bond with his daughter before riots broke out in the vault due to a destabilization plan Atticus Sweet came up with. He stole the entire total sum of gambling money from “The Vault” and caused violence to break out. In the chaos the ringleader of “The Vault” wanted to settle a score with Bertrand while he had the advantage.

The ringleader didn’t make it away, Kelley Essex killed the man but too late to save Bertrand. Orianna holds herself responsibile for his death and thinks of it as her greatest failure.

Bartrand Ironfist

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