Bathik Mothga

Storm Shaman


A fierce looking tribal human man with dark skin, tattoos, ritualized scars and odd choices of clothing including a Bogtrog pelt. His eyes look fierce and free like an animal that resents you even studying it.


Bathik was once a much simpler boy who knew Kelley Essex when they were both younger teenagers. After Kelley’s father was reported dead his family moved to a small island called Black Reef where they met a young native boy among the small port being built on the lands. Despite it being cultivated by Ord Bathik was apparently a native. His mother and father were both killed by the savage monsters outside the wilderness.

Kelley’s angst toward his mother for moving away from his Uncle and Bathik affinity for magic made an unpredictable combo. Kelley and Bathik roved the wilderness like hoodlums looking for adventure. Despite the warnings of how dangerous it was for two years the boys roved the wilderness. A small tribe of bog trogs attacked them both and Kelley fled for his life Bathik wasn’t seen for a months and was assumed dead. One night Bathik returned to Kelley’s home with an few strange trinkets asking Kelley to join his tribe as the Bog Trogs beleived he was mist speaker and shaman in their strange ways.

Kelley refused having learned his lesson months ago stating he was planning to join the Ordic Navy soon anyway. Bathik told him that may have been for the best and the two went there seperate ways. After leaving Kelley received many letters of bog trogs trying to invade the city. Kelley never did forgive Bathik but always remember their adventures as children in the wilds.

Hard times came to Kelley years later and he paid his family a visit on Black reef and to check up on his old friend. A tragic accident with the Bog Trogs turned into Kelley hungry for revenge when Gailsyn his Chieft Striker was killed. Essex had went mad with grief grabbed a handful of men and pursued Bathik for revenge convinced the man who use to be his friend must have become no different than the trogs that nearly killed him years before.

With a bit of luck Az Ekka/Uladar, Kelley Essex and Jehremi Chaeffer managed to subdue the Storm Sorcerer turned Mist Speaker Shaman and enslaved him to the Anchor’s Bane to promote fair winds always.

It wasn’t under Captain Kelley Essex was poisoned by Veronica Du Bray that Bathik was able to figure out a way to escape from the Anchor’s Bane. Months later Az Ekka/Uladar & Bertram Marduk have an encounter with Bathik upon the mainlands near Carre Dova. Armed with a be tribe of Bog Trogs Bathik had a battle with these two while trying to tend to the Captain’s condition. He was last seen fleeing seen as fraud in the eyes of his Bog Trog Followers.

Bathik Mothga

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