Boomur Brambleback

The Muttering Stowaway


A stout whelp with a dour look on his blue face. He walks in pirate attire and is often found smoking cigars and philfering rum from the ship. He doesn’t seem to understand much Common and communicates primarily through his whelpling “Pub” who is a bit dense and not a gifted speaker. Boomur sports a bowler hat and normally carries a club to make sure he can express the similplest language for anyone to know, pain.


Boomur’s origins are something of a mystery to most the Anchor’s Bane. One day he just confidently strolled up the gangplank and made himself at home in the gun deck. Oddly enough Gorgol Turnok the Ogrun is able to communicate with him better than others which is likely due to him being deaf and reading more body language.

It was revealed that Boomur Brambleback hails from Trollkin Kriel near a small village northeast of Carre Dova called Bolten. The Brambleback clan was a once peaceful and self sustaining tribe until a duel between the Brambleback’s Chieftain and a challenging Kriel’s leader came to blows. While it is unclear how it happened, the leaders of both clans were killed in the fight and the duo of Dire Troll Maulers once under control went wild destroying not only the remnants of both tribes but forcing the surviving Trollkin to prey upon the humble town of Bolten.

Boomur likely was one of the survivors who picked the first boat that had character and insisted upon becoming a member in his own stubborn way.

Boomur Brambleback

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