Carson McClay

Admiral of the Atlas


An aged man in his mid fifties with a grey finely trimmed beard and long traditional sailor’s knot despite his thinning hairline. His eyes are like fire hungry for revenge and his uniform is impeccably clean despite the wear and age of it. Wearing a Captain’s tricorn hat and brandishing a finely sharpened mechanikal blade this man emits an aura of wisdom and hate all at once.


Originally making his appearance in Winds of Vengeance , Carson McClay is the father of past admiral Lucan McClay. Emerging out of retirement after the death of his son Carson approached the Ordic Navy about becoming a privateer under their flag to bring in Kelley Essex and any other crew he could to be tried for Piracy at the city of Bereck. His rage toward Kelley Essex is profound from the firm belief he has kidnapped his daughter and murdered his son. Carson feels that the hero stature Kelley Essex and the Anchor’s bane achieved by bombarding Havershaw’s Folly and being aloud to keep The Majesty as his own prize is a complete and utter insult to the Navy and it’s traditions.

Carson allied himself with like minded members of the Navy and through popular vote and executive decision his rank of Admiral was re-instated to hunt down the Ship that never lingers. His personal ship the Atlas was purchased through the influence of the McClay family line though at significant cost nearly all but squandering the wealth of the family name.

The Atlas is brandishing a 45 gun broadside 20 of each are Royal Weight Cannons. It’s outfitted with reinforced ironsides and 4 Mariner Warjacks.

Carson McClay

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