Jehremi Chaeffer

The Havershaw Avenger


A lost soul, whose heart of gold lies deeply hidden beneath dark steel.

Adventure Logs:

Origin 1 of 3: Regret

Origin 2 of 3: Struggle
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Origin 3 of 3: Murder
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Aftermath of Glimmershore: Shaken

Destruction of the Red Revenge: Reflection

Acting Captain: Unyielding

Funeral for Bolten: Penitence


Chaeffer’s family once dwelt in Ord, in a seaside village that was eventually the victim of a Cryxian raid. Many people from his hometown were killed and converted into thralls; Chaeffer, a mere youth of eleven years at the time, was separated from his family in the chaos, and has no idea if any of them survived. As for himself, he was taken captive when the leader of the attack detected the boy’s dormant sorcery, which had not yet manifested. Jehremi was to be broken and trained in dark magic as well as the sword. His innate talent for the darker arts surfaced in his training; Chaeffer resented his gift, but did whatever he had to do in order to survive the Cryxians’ tyranny.

Eventually an opportunity for freedom presented itself. Another raid took place in a town not so far from Chaeffer’s original home; feigning compliance, the dark soldier struck down his commander and fled… but he soon realized that he had nowhere to go. His family, if they still lived, was nowhere to be found. He traveled from place to place for a time, searching for anything familiar, or anyone who might know someone he remembered. Time had taken its toll, and the trail was long cold.

Trained as a knight, he found odd work here or there, perhaps as a mercenary or bodyguard. Still resenting his darker talents, he found that they occasionally became necessary for survival, but sought to draw them from a different source than Cryxian draconic taint. Finding only remorse and guilt in Morrow, he turned to the more accepting twin who could understand his path. He sought power in deep places, studied the occult lore of Telgesh, and eventually the whispers of Toruk subsided. With the silent approval of his new patron, he would soon unlock his own dark freedom, and use his gifts to pursue his newfound goals: power, information, and eventually vengeance.

In his childhood years, Jehremi had idolized his older brother, Erdrick, who was already a sailor and accomplished young mercenary by the time he was seventeen. Thinking him dead, Chaeffer has occasionally taken on his brother’s name, both to honor his memory and to cloak his own identity. His Caspian battle blade is called “Dusk”, due to a fond memory: he would often watch the sunset on the docks with his brother.

Jehremi now draws his necromantic power from Telgesh, and thus from Thamar. He is a Thamarite advocate, but is not the dark zealot that many Thamarites are perceived as. While others specifically worship the dark twin, Jehremi understands that Thamar’s true nature was about asking questions, seeking power, and furthering one’s own objectives. Power via Evil was not Thamar’s ideology; rather, Power via Truth, and Truth via Power, however controversial.

Therefore, Chaeffer lets his deeds equivocate his faith, rather than performing any kind of formal religious act. Each defeated enemy is a prayer, and each new power unlocked is a dark blessing received, proof of Thamar’s favor. He has, however, recently begun collecting the small coin-like insignias of each of the scions and ascendants, as a token of his willingness to endure such challenges as they faced.

Jehremi is still seeking traces of his family and has searched much of Llael and Ord; he hopes to find more answers in Five Fingers, where anything can be bought for a price: goods, information, or otherwise.

It goes without saying that Chaeffer holds deep resentment for the Nightmare Empire, who stole his childhood and scattered (perhaps killed, he doesn’t know) his family, not to mention cursing him with the revelation of his sorcerous talent. His dark road has forever been shadowed due to Cryx’s machinations, and therefore he will wage a one-man war against everything Toruk stands for… by fighting dark fire with dark fire.

Jehremi Chaeffer

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