Charles Karth

Chief Navigator


A well groomed Thurian man with dark jet black hair and a well groomed and oiled mustache. Charles appears to be a man with impecibly keen senses and exacting mannerisms.


Having a long history within Ordic Naval command as a high ranking member of the Order of the Trident. Originally serving on a ship known as the Abalaster Charles has always been a man who did his country proud and choose the most reputable and ethical course of action for his station. Having left the Order of the Triden Charles sports a potent mastery of magic but was also gifted from adolescence as a storm sorcerer.

Charles is a man of peerless ethics and percision when it comes to his duties but also remains a man who is often seen as stuffy and focused on the socially acceptable course of action. Most think that he hides some sort of tragedy and was pulled into Atticus Sweet service through blackmail due to his overall difference in character than the captain of the Crown’s Fallacy.

Charles Karth

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