Daphfere "Daf" Scrapscalp

Eccentric Dwarven Bodger


Dirty, filthy and a bit unhinged; Daphfere looks like a mix between a trash heap, a scrapyard & soiled hair. Carrying around an array of tools, makeshift weapons and contraptions on his back he clearly is an aged hermit of a Dwarf who speaks in a heavy accent and raspy deep voice that sews it own kind of charm.


Daphfere is an old friend of Bartrand Steamfist, both of them have had a long history of working on mechanikal equipment together. While Daphfere held a more prestigious title of being a renowned ‘Jack Marshal, he gave up the military career and eventually wound up living in Ord. The reasons he states are that “The nation is poor but they have plenty of scrap”. With underwater salvage, train refuse, junk yards and a large array of gobber bodgers he has always had ways of making ends met. Infact, he’s done it so well he managed to make his own little fortified civilization inside the scrap heaps of Carre Dova.

Daphfere "Daf" Scrapscalp

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