Meryle Tantock

The Shadow of Havershaw


Wearing functional dark leather armor and decorated rapier, this shadowy figure had emerald light ripple through his eyes while bearing a smile that could freeze the heart of a Koldun Lord


Once spoke only in hushed whispers the infamous Meryle Tantock was a dreaded Thamarite who had stumbled upon a Orgoth implement underneath the streets of Havershaw. Having collected debts of various gamblers and killing those who wouldn’t kneel Tantocks reputation was frightful to even the Pirate kings of Five Fingers. The tragedy that befell Five Fingers During it’s New Light’s Jubilee was all the mechaniations of Dorian Tantock who revealed that Chaffer’s brother had taught him the powers of reaping souls yer ago. While devouring the souls of the dead and becoming a monstrosity to even his Mistress Thamar, it was clear Tantock was becoming consumed by the power he thirsted for being torn apart bit by bit he screamed out a curse on Chaffer and his allies and to this day the Tragedy had been shifted to them his legend vanishing almost overnight…

Meryle Tantock

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