Emilian Tizulia

Disciple of Jehremi Chaeffer


A sleek angular man with thin and almost craven features. Emilian is a man who appears to be a sly and capable fighter given he brands an entire bandolier of kris blades and daggers as well as a cutlass on his hip. He bears the typical branding of the Radizi ornamental pierced ears and vibrant colors unless in his black robe to Thamar.


Having his first documented appearance in Whispers: Truth, Lies and Madness , Emilian came from his simple life of a vagabond Radizi who’s family line began learning and documented the powers of blood magic and necromancy. The elder women of his line were gifted with foresight, but inside the tome called The Cycle of Blood it was explained this sight draws on their own blood as oppose to the simpler and more wicked act of Hausprexcy which requires the killing of another for their prophetic visions.

The men of this bloodline are traditionally weaker mages and some could argue Emilian is no exception to this rule but he aims to prove it wrong through the assistance of his master Jehremi Chaeffer. Emilian was the sole survivor of a crusade taken up by Jehremi to lead the Radizi in to a dangerous gambit to enter into an alliance with the Thamarite septs of Five Fingers. They ultimately betrayed Emilian’s master sending undead horrors after them amidst a underground labyrinth.

Faced with no alternative Emilian showed a strength Jehremi has yet to see in other men who have followed him, a willingness to commit atrocities for the sake of power. Though many might confuse this megalomania the disciple proved himself capable of carving up the bodies of his own family to provide proper thralls to Jehremi in preparation for the War of Masks against the Marionette Killer.

Emilian has proven himself loyal to the man who made him useful when all others would die and now follows in his step convinced the man is a scion awaiting his dark ascension when the moment is right.

Emilian Tizulia

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