Erdrick Chaffer

Captain of the Devil's Larder


A dark figure with an unwholesome body that is tortured flesh and muscles skewered with necro-machinery woven inside and out of his body. Adorned in black free flowing robes, functional armor and with a glare of hatred that could make murderers quiver.


Making his emergence in Litany of the Dying Dawn, The Black Necromancer is Jehremi’s estranged brother from years ago. taken captive like his younger brother he was likely unable to escape his enslavement to the Will of Toruk, The Dragonfather.

Commanding a mighty force of Cryxians from the underground networks, Erdrick slew countless Marrowans, pirates, mercenaries and even Bertram Marduk before the Anchor’s Bane were able to escape in utter defeat. Binding Bertram to his will in the shape of a Pistol Wraith, Jehremi saw the hate in his brother’s eyes and realized the depths of his foe’s will and knew he had been identified after being on the run from Cryx for so long.

Erdrick Chaffer

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