Felcyr Sinyr

Master Surgeon


Felcyr is a very tall and lanky fellow even as far as Iosans are concerned. His hair is well trimmed to accommodate the hot and musky air of the Anchor’s Bane Hold. He is very pale by Iosan standards, and has unusually bright emerald green eyes. He appears to study anything to it’s most mundane of details which is likely his artistic drive to learn why and his doctoral side for reference. A pair of bi-focals sits resting on his forehead or under a bandanna as he has excellent eyesight but prefers to use them for magnification purposes.


Felcyr is well respected as an officer would be aboard the Anchor’s Bane, but he serves under Kelley Essex as a mere Pressganger which is often a point of confusion to many who serve why someone as vital as him isn’t considered part of the crew. The Captain has never saw a reason to explain but recently “Sinnyr” as he prefers to call himself offered an explanation to his sister Alara Sinyr alone.

He is a member of the Seekers, a group which is not combating but is in disagreement with the assumptions put forth by the Retribution of Scyrah which is the elimination of Human Magic users may possibly return life to their ailing and dying goddess of spring. He adopted his painting habit at a young age and while originally just a hobby he tuned it sharply because he is convinced one day he may be provided a clue to how to help the Plight of the Iosan culture from something he painted in passing. He stays aboard the Anchor’s Bane because while he was kidnapped by Kelley Essex to attach his Mechanikal right limb. After the operation Essex offered his free stay upon the boat as payment for as long as he liked in exchange for earning his keep with medicine. Felcyr agreed because he wanted to be look were few if any Iosans had, the sea…

Felcyr Sinyr

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