Gabriel Mateu

Sly aristocrat


Gabriel Mateu is a man with a clear upbringing in high society, his clothes are a mix between fashionable teal and functional leather cuirass. Brandishing no weaponry he seems to hold a wit sharper than almost any blade and dazzling looks at the mere bat of his eye.

While a notable NPC in the game, His first appearance is noted in Measuring Demand


Having once been a primary philanthropist to a small hamlet of Bolten, Gabriel is part of the House Mateu. House Mateu is a very influential and powerful trading company that provide many of Ords Trade routes, staple supplies and crafts throughout the impoverished nation.

It was revealed by Thaddeus Finley that Gabriel’s family holds significance to the history of Ord and her people. He speaks of previous rulers who sat on the throne were once House Mateu and how many are married within the Castellan aristocracy.

Briefly after the Crew of the Anchor’s Bane met Gabriel Mateu he promptly wished to discuss personal matters with James Cradivin and was asked for an escort to him. After only a brief amount of time the trusty Captain of the Iron Fox Company was found abandoning the duties of his contract and key members of his company to the ruins of Bolten.

Bertram Marduk An unwelcomed outsider to the city of Bolten had spoken out many times of the political corruption that followed in stride with Gabriel. it was no surprise to the city that swiftly after he was investigated as a criminal against the crown of Ord for mild counts of fraud.

Who Gabriel Mateu really is has yet to be learned, But both Thaddeus Finley and know that no good can come of it and would sooner stay out of his way or see a runic bullet found it’s way into his heart.

Gabriel Mateu

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