Mysterious Nyss Pirate of the Anchor's Bane


Cold yet beautiful, with piercing ice blue eyes and pale skin she always looked uncomfortable aboard the Anchor’s Bane, probably due to the lack of cool air.


One of the key factors Essex ever managed to take “The Shackle” was due to this Nyss Huntress. One of the only slaves who refused to have her will broken by the Ordic slavers readying to sell to Cryx. When Essex came stumbling aboard the ship still freshly bleeding barely holding onto the Buncaneer Warjack dubbed Penny it had been Gailsyn who bolstered the slaves into revolt capitalizing on Essex’s actions.

She called the ship her home and refused to leave it. It was only until Captain Kelley Essex pursued a romance with the aloof woman that he learned his now liberated ship was made from a few rare trees found in Khador which Gailsyn’s clan were responsible to tend to and call home. Yet she was the last of her family and failed to do her duty and instead the lumber was processed into the Anchor’s Bane.

Gailsyn refused to leave her home any further until her dying breath one year later. In the thick muggy bogs of Haltwater Island Gailsyn found herself barely able to stand let alone fight. When a group of Bog Trogs attacked the Anchor’s Bane and her crew she was cut down in front of Essex. Avowing revenge he grabbed a group of his most trusted men and drove deep into the muck to kill the chieftain of the Bog Trogs only to find it was his old childhood friend Bathik who had come to the island as a mystical escape from the corruption of civilization.

Enraged, Kelley Essex struggled between revenge and mercy and decided he would give both. He stripped Bathik of this congregation and press ganged him into service knowing the boy had been a sorcerer for a long time now. He felt it was a proper punishment to steal the freedom he robbed from a free spirit.

Captain Essex to this day has not forgiven himself for the Death of Gailsyn in a place as unassuming as Haltwater Isle. It reminds him every time he pounds away liquor that nothing is certain even fate, and just like his arm it can be changed int he blink of an eye.


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