Gavin Grallow

First Mate upon The Atlas


A strong looking man who just hit his prime within the Navy. Preferring natural and muted colors like browns, and grey Gavin is a man who looks to be cunning and capable of combat and the political enviroment of Ord.


Originally making his first appearance in Winds of Vengeance Grallow is captain of the Ancestry, the original ship handed down to him from Admiral Carson McClay during the end of his military Career. Gavin took on much of the Naval liaison responsibilities of “Captain ‘Carving’ Carson McClay”. He organized naval escorts for merchant guilds throughout the area of Ord and Cygnar.

Gavin was groomed to be a proper and confident leader of the Odric Naval by Carson McClay. It was only a few years of exemplary service that earned the status as a Ordic Naval Liaison toward escort services extended to them. He greatly respects his predecessor and his tutelage and urged him to lead the entire Flotilla in the wake of The War of Masks.

Gavin was a close personal friend to Lucan McClay helping him acclimatize to the rank of admiral and provide him the much needed support of the merchants of Five Fingers. Lucan had a very short time as an Admiral and Gavin feels personally responsible for his mentor’s losses and is hellbent to prove his remorse.

Gavin Grallow

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