Golrick Steadfast

Master of the Hold


Golrick is a stout and muscular dwarf even by the standards of his own kin. He wears heavy chainmail and carries a shield around with a menacing look of invitatiion. He is missing a pinky finger on his left hand and has multiple tattoos along his neck line, his bicepts his right earlobe. Golrick is likely middle aged but always is smiling and likely drunk as though he was a young sailor


Golrick is the Anchor’s Bane Master of the Hold, he is responsible for tending to the overall welfare and safety of the most populated area of the ship. He breaks up fights, keeps murders down to a minimum and often challenges the bad apples to their own vices such as drinking, smoking, gambling and wrestling. Golrick always has been well loved on the ship but he is notorious for dodging responsibilities by simply paying others to do his work for him.

His approach to discipline has its merits as pitting problem groups against one another normally leaves the area relatively peaceful and is well worth the meager investments he makes to the people who are most desperate.

Golrick a loyal officer to Captain Kelley Essex, Having fought back to back with the warcaster when the chips are at their lowest and asking for no help at all. Bravado is likely Golrick’s largest flaw as he has been utterly humilated before challenging people to games and duels but he outright refuses to give up such an interesting quirk about himself

Golrick Steadfast

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