Gorgol Turnok

Deaf Gunnery Sergeant


Bulky even by the standards of Ogrun, Gorgol is a mount of muscle and scar tissue drapped in raggedy clothes and toting his own Ogrun Battle Cannon on his shoulder.


What little of Gorgol is known is known by the the Powder moneky “Lo”. Having taken the time to learn the signal language he developed to communicate it was clear that Gorgol use to be a solider for the Kingdom of Rhul. He won’t expose much about his rank or role in the military and seems at home among the deafening noise of the Anchor’s Bane gun decks roaring louder than thunder.

Protective of the little girl who is often mistaken for a boy Gorgol has taken an immediate liking to the new Ogrun Bosun Gorgon. Though little is exchanged between the two soldiers they seem to understand one another very well.

Gorgol Turnok

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