Orianna's Mangler Warjack


Height/Weight: 12´ / 8 tons
ArmAment: punching spike (Left Arm), wrecker (Right arm)
Fuel Load/Burn Usage: 715 lbs / 5 hrs general or 55 mins Combat
Initial Service Date: 598 AR
Cortex Manufacturer: Fraternal Order of Wizardry / Cygnaran Armory / Magnus the Traitor
Original Chassis Design: Engines East / Cygnaran Armory / Magnus the Traitor


Originally owned by a mercenary company, the warjack chassis named “Grudge” by Orianna was liberated after it fell free from a train bound to Five Fingers. One of Daphfere “Daf” Scrapscalp‘s gobber squatters pointed it out as scrap to be liberated. The Gobber was very wrong the Jack was still fully functional but didn’t know enough about fielding Human warjacks to feel comfortable. Oriana Ironfist was however a prodigy and had returned from her service under the Iron Fox a free agent.

Daphfere didn’t feel right leaving the daughter of one of his oldest friends without proper protection as much as she loved her little jack Remi. He offered a trade for a huge shipment of Coal and a few odds and ends. Grudge earned his name quickly after Orianna jury rigged it’s obedience with a bit of manipulation and parts replacement. The Warjack is clearly accustomed to intense combat and aggressive handling of situations. Near as anyone can tell the jack HATES being snuck up on and requires a short leash or will immediately attempt to maim or kill whatever startles it or challenges it.

Similarly to dog fights, grudge was likely encouraged to be as destructive as possible.


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