Hannibal Copperton

Master Gunner


A man with brillant green eyes and dark brown wild hair barely held at bay by a bandanna. sporting various pirate trophies and mean demeanor Hannibal appears to be a man who looks like he is never up to any good.


Hannibal’s tale is one that is common among pirates, pressganged at a young age when pirates raided a small fishing village. Threatening broadside the city to ruin, the pirate captain of the Blood Reef promised to spare the village if they offered their young as slaves to them. WIthout waiting for consent the Blood Reef began to work taking whoever they wished.

The newly press ganged were told that after one or two years of service for a dire mission against corrupt merchants they would be returned to their homes. Hannibal applied himself well enough as budding young powder monkey of the ship. It was only later that Hannibal learned that the captain ordered some of his most loyal men to plant explosives within the city killing almost all of the citizens of the town including his parents.

Hannibal got revenge for his family killing the captain in the middle of a boarding action by adjusting a grapeshot right at him. The ship lost the battle against the navy but was able to earn the trust of the Ordic naval captain by betraying their captain.

Hannibal has serious trust issues as a result of his past and will often confront any problems that try to get in his way in a less than civil manner. Mr. Copperton proves to be a thorn in the side to Atticus Sweet, much the same way Az Ekka/Uladar is to Kelley Essex

Hannibal Copperton

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