Helena Lilanovich

Master of the Hold/Arms


Standing 6 foot 4 inches of a both capable and strong woman, Helena Lilanovich is a tower slab of muscle and menace. Her left hand is a mechanikal replacement and her eyes could stare down a warbeast with the hate she commands from them.


Helena is a terrifyingly intense woman who could easily break most men with her frame. Easily more powerful than all but the most potent men Helena was a perfect candidate to be groomed for an officer’s position withing the Empire of Khador. Helena choose the position of a battle mechanik once proving her aptitude in the Winterguard Draftees.

Helena served her nation well for twelve years before retiring on her earnings. Not one to find peace after a decade of war crushing cygnarans Helena took her money and developed with her comrades a specialized Kodaik Warjack using Mechanikal upgraded to it’s fists named Ursa. Helena wanted to prove her dominance within the Jack fighting arenas of Khador only to be met by a Rhulfolk named Bartrand Ironfist. Using his Driller Warjack Variant named Remover Helena and Bartrand became bitter rivals as the Bartrand walked away a victor in Helena’s hometown.

Dedicating herself to proving how much stronger she was as a person but a mekanik as well Helena came to Five Fingers years three years later to find Bartrand there as well. Anxious for a rematch she was furious when the dwarf won by the seat of his pants and a bit of unorthodox jack marshalling. Since then Helena became obsessed with defeating the Dwarf only to lose track of him, another two years passed and Bartrand emerged in a placed called “The Vault” and Helena was contacted. Racing to the Port of Deceit it was Helena’s intention to crush ‘Remover" with “Ursa”’s new modifications and her sharper jack marshalling skills.

This didn’t come to pass, Oriana Quakestone instead came to her father’s aid inside the event and robbed her of her chance at revenge. Losing her hand in the process and her jack claimed by The Vault right before a riot broke out. Helena was quick to act and killed anyone who stopped her from reclaiming most of Ursa from the ruins of the place. Helena lost sight of her purpose having dedicated half a decade to revenge only to learn her rival died inside the riots.

When a wanted poster was put up temporarily for Oriana Quakestone Helena found a driving purpose again within her rival’s daugher. Having lost a hand and almost her prized modified Warjack Helena Immediately enlisted upon The Crown’s Fallacy knowing its fate was bound up and tied to the Anchor’s Bane.

Originally considered for the Chief Mechanik position Simon Skallet instead won out the position on sheer experience. Helena however became an immediate shoe in as a proper and intimidating Master of the Hold and Master at Arms position. She filled the role so well Atticus decided to award her both duties and pay.

Helena Lilanovich

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