Jack "Black-Jack"

Freebooter Warjack


Height/Weight: 13’ 1"/ 4.9 tons
Fuel Load/ Burn Usage: 300 lbs / 6.5 hrs General, 1 hr Combat
Initial Service Date: 594 AR
Cortex Manufacturer: Fraternal Order of Wizardy
Orig. Chasis Design: Engines West (Ceryl)


The warjack once served in Ordic military engagements but received heavy heavy cortex damage, the warjack was sold off to Ceryl at discount and purchased by Warden Dwyer of Pointe Vigil to act as a deadly enforcer. During the Pointe Vigil jailbreak Captain Kelley Essex shanghaied the jack into his service. knowing exactly where the cortex was located and gained control over it’s Jack Marshal. Using the Freebooter to terrible effect without this jack it was unlikely the crew of The Anchor’s Bane would have been successful in escaping the jail alive.

Captain Kelley Essex used the Warjack as collateral during Luck be Damned, earning the name “Jack” which both refereed to what it was as well as how he won that hand of cards. Many of the crew call the Jack “Black Jack” to differentiate it from the slang used for any labor or Warjack.

Jack "Black-Jack"

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