Jacobi Twill

Master Surgeon


A man in his late 40s who appears to have a heavy unkempt appearance but a very keen mind Jacobi looks to be an unsavory sort of street doctor you might find on Five Fingers adorned with lucky charms and talismans from various faiths, blood stained leather gloves and apron and various medical tools scattered off over a ratty looking duster he wears.


Jacobi Twill was nothing more than a street butcher earlier in his life, but humble lives don’t last long in Five Fingers. Jacobi’s business was being charged protection money from High Captain Riorodan, it wasn’t long until the stevedores union paid him a visit when he wasn’t able to pay and he was beaten within an inch of his life.

Jacobi likely would have died that night if not for Atticus Sweet. Even before he took on that name the young street urchin took pity on Mr Twill because he was the only butcher who let his scraps go to him and his friends. Atticus decided to tip off the Paulson Street Rovers about the protection racket he was starting in the neighborhood. Gang warfare broke out within the streets and Mr Twill was able to prove his skill with a needle and razor patching up High Captain Killbride’s men. The gang offered Twill a chance as a triage for them but it quickly bloomed into a unofficially sanctioned doctor of the streets.

Twill is often mistaken for a murderer for his nonchalant attitude toward getting covered in blood or working on squealing patients. When Atticus Sweet took on the new name of Captain Harlow Thane, he was surprised to find his favorite butcher had turned semi professional doctor. He wasn’t most vetted but he was someone Captain Thane knew he could trust to cut onto him or others.

Jacobi Twill

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