James Cradivin

Captain of Iron Fox Company


Standing tall and strong, James Cradivin is by no means a man who does exemplify a warrior through and through. With a fearsome grin he has stared down bandits, pirates, Iosans , Khadorans, Cygnar and Cryx alike. Clad in tailored plate bearing the symbol of the Iron Fox on his right shoulder and brandishing an array of weaponry generally depending on his mission the Leader of this resourceful band of Mercenaries is always looking for new sources of income.


Having founded his mercenary chapter fifteen years ago, James Cradivin was a humble Tordoran from Five Fingers in his youth. Living in terrible squallor at youth Cradivin made a life for himself serving on a street gang alligent to High Captain Riordan. Living a life of violence and tyrnany was preferencial to the streets and James quickly learned he had a knack for the craft of intimidation and battle.

As the years past his gang “The Harper Huntsmen” had grown bold expanding their territory without much effort thanks to James and a few of his close friends. But Cradivin and his friends were the only serious warriors of the gang the rest specialized in muggings and buying off investigation. It wasn’t until a nobleman’s home was hit that Cradivin found himself facing a Castellan of Ord that he realized how much of a bungle he and his gang had made.

Men armed with clubs, or short sword were forced to fight true experienced soldiers and bodyguards. The battle was over swiftly it was only then James threw down his weapons and negotiated for his life. He and his best were immediately inducted into the Mercenary watch of the Emerald Watch, in exchange Cradivin was to sell out the position of his gang’s hideout to the Nobleman.

He did so without even a second thought. He learned the ropes of mercenary work from the Emerald Watch but often found the position boring and didn’t appeal to any of the bad habits he had developed while with the Harper Huntsmen. Within only a few years Cradivin had amassed a small fortune through excellent work and his proficiency at learning how to live cheaply within the Port of Deceit.

He formed a company within his networks called “The Iron Fox” naming it after a myth told by Cygnaran Hunters. The Iron Fox was a grey fox that was let loose to to be hunted by the hounds and riflemen on horseback. The fable concluded with the fox leading the hunting party across a cliff when it’s survivors had either died from the fall into the ravine below or were lost and wounded. Trying to gain their bearings the hunters sought a way to return home and pulled out their trusty map only to watch it be deftly snatched up in the jaw of the before it sprinted off leaving the few survivors scared and alone in the woods, much like it had been.

To James the story of the Iron Fox was a great example of how a small underestimated target can achieve great things through a mix of strength and cunning feints and deceptions. His mercenary company runs small as far as chapter houses go but are very well armed especially by Ordic Standards. He had sumbitted to operations against Cygnar trade Embargos, Infiltrated and distracted Khadorian Forces, repelled Cryxian Boarders from Merchant vessles and more recently has faced the wrath of Ios itself bringing to bear a strike force against a recent partner contactor Jehremi Chaeffer

Serving under him before he accepted an offer from Gabriel Mateu, James was leader to both Balthier Zangurak Teremex, Oriana Ironfist, And Thaddeus Finnley. The terms of his involvement remain a mystery to his trusted soldiers but Cradivin abandoned them to pursue this new contract as they had shown a fondness to the Pirates of the Anchor’s Bane.

James Cradivin

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