Johnathan Asan

Quatermaster's Mate


A Todoran boy with a wide smile, he already looks like a pirate despite trying due to the eye patch over his right eye. He has two pierced ears and always dresses simply and seems to playful despite his disability.


Johnathan Asan is a Morrowan through and through, he still keeps a coin of Ascendant Doleth with him. His father was a no good drunk who vanished as many do inside Five Fingers, he was primarily raised till he was ten by his grandfather who was a fisherman. One night his grandfather never returned nor any of his ship mates. Before he knew it John was discovered despite his best efforts to avoid notice. He was promptly removed from the home that was rented and sent to the nearest orphanage which appears to be the Menite Abbey “Chalk Wall”.

John never converted and received some of the worst punishments at the orphanage. The worst included a hot coal placed on his right eye and crushed into his face by the heel of Mother Agatha Winifred. She claimed it was to “give him a taste of things to come in the afterlife if he didn’t accept Menoth the one true god.”

Despite the unimaginable pain he likely went through he seems pyschologically sturdy and even laughs at his misfortune encouraging people to make light of his situation. He always seems to joke and never minds a Menite in public. of the three Chalk Wall children brought on board all of them respect John’s willpower and ability to accept Menites outside the Abbey.

Johnathan Asan

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