Kathos Rakaan

Bulwark of the Fane


Standing at 6’4" tall and 195 lbs of pure, lean muscle, Kathos is a paragon of physical prowess among Nyss. His long, white hair falls down to just below his tailbone and is usually swept back and tied in a loose fashion near the end. When fully donning his Ryssovass armor, he becomes a truly wondrous and terrible sight to behold. Clad in black plate from head to toe, a blueish hue showing throughout the steel in the right light, Kathos becomes almost another person, his usual care and warmth sealed away behind a wall of steel. His mind turns to a cold calculating machine at times, time seems to slow around him as he takes in his entire surroundings, gaining the precision to even cut down bullets that threaten him or those around him. Thanks to his immense physical prowess, Kathos is able to move around in his fitted plate as if it were but a second skin for him, and he wields his blades with such efficiency that they may as well be extensions of himself.


Kathos had been honored with the position of acting as the main guard for a Fane of Nyssor several years ago. Back then he had no clue that his duty would take him to a many wonderous places: grand cities of Ios, the peaks of Rhulic mountains, serene forests of Khador, and the vast libraries of the human cities, only to have him end up in a rotten stink hole of a city called “Five-Fingers.” Over time Kathos found that he was able to adapt quickly to the way of life in the city, learning to do what he must to survive and sadly also learned to be cautious of everyone and everything around him. Though it wasn’t all bad, through their time there, he had seen the Fane greet everyone with such a warmth and kindness that even he couldn’t help but open himself up to others, and to her as well.

Finding that his standard plate and weaponry was rather uncommon and intimidating(not to mention coveted greedily) to those around him, he opted to begin leaving his gear stashed in a safehouse that he and the Fane had established in the city, only walking around with less conspicuous gear, namely his claymore and leathers. Sadly of late, he had noticed the Fane acting slightly more on edge, and soon found out why. In their search for leads on the location of their god, word had gotten around about them and they had attracted the attention of the local Kayaze. Kathos was begining to think it best that he return to his standard gear, but as luck would have it he didn’t have a chance. One night they began to notice that they were being followed, this quickly led to a rapid pursuit and standoff between Kathos and a band of Kayaze. He cursed himself for not being better prepared.

“Iome, you need to take this and run, protect yourself first and get out of here!” Kathos told her as he rushed the Fane down a narrow ally and shoved his sword into her hands. “I’ll hold them here, it doesn’t matter what happens to me, just run. RUN!” He shouted as he turned to face the men chasing them.

“Come on then,” he shouted, “all, what? Fifteen of ya? Not a one of you are getting past me tonight!” With that Kathos began to hold out with nothing but his fists and determination. True to his word, any man that tried to get past him was quickly thrown back, crushed into the wall, and one even just had his neck snapped on the attempt. Kathos can’t even recall how long he fought them, or how many he had killed, maybe 7, but eventually he took a sudden blow to the side of the head and blacked out. As his consciousness faded, he began falling and saw the sun rising over the buildings. Hmph, hope I held out long enough……Io….

Kathos Rakaan

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