Kelley Essex

Captain of the Anchor's Bane


“Do I miss my arm? … I traded it for justice, a ship, crew, respect, wealth and my little lady Penny! I miss it about just as much as you miss your charming humility Mr. Lugosh.” – Captain Kelley Essex wecloming aboard his new Quartermaster.

He is an average looking man with shoulder length black hair and a thin goatee, he has a disfiguring looking Mechanikal right arm and a cocky smile on his face. Dressed in a officer’s uniform which has seen much wear and tear this man clearly hold a preference for things and people who are practical and the effective.

Adventure log entries involving Kelley Essex are as followed per writing.

1. The Aftermath of Glimmershore
2. Ceryl, City of Wizards
3. Freedom of Thought
4. The Ultimatum
5. [[The Depths… | The Depths…]]
6. Deep Slumber
7. [[When I was last whole. | When I was last whole.]]
8. The Patient
9. Your Last Friend
10. A Fate Given
11. Weighed Down

Tides of the Past Retells the tale of Kelley Essex Before becoming a Pirate and Serving under the Ordic Royal Navy
1. Tides of the Past (part 1)
2. Tide of the Past (Part 2)


Starting his youth in the service of the Ordic Naval forces, Kelley Essex showed the signs of being a strong leader but more surprising was his emergence as a spellcaster. Possessing the ability to see a destined outcome and change it, he was quickly whisked away to Merin the Capital of Ord. Undergoing the rigors of warcaster training so much discipline disagreed with Essex as he found it often getting in the way of serving the king of Ord of the court of Castellans. Serving under the navy once again and given command of his own vessel it patrolled the seas on the look of pirates and Khadorian scouting ships.

After 2 years of service it was a black night out at sea when Essex came across pirates fleeing toward his ship. Without a second of delay he ordered the ship gunned them down in a full broadside and any survivors interrogated. While the extraction of survivors was simple enough it was then a man with terror in his eyes called out to Essex screaming to be released. Personally sitting down with the man he discovered they were Sharde Pirates and they were fleeing from something that they claimed “no vessel could possibly shoot down” No sooner than the interrogation concluded a sudden explosion rocked his warship. He ran to the top deck of his ship being torn to bits and pieces by an unwholesome light beneath the water. Wraiths poured up from the dark ocean below cutting down any crew that stood in their way.

His ship in tatters and his crew broken Kelley saw what the future held for him and his crew… a fate where death would be a luxury. With the vessel submerged he could think of nothing else than to free the anchor from the ship on top of this vessel. But fate would not deem it possible by itself… Essex knew his gift was the only way this would happen releasing the Anchor and holding on tight to it the anchor dragged him further and further down until the pressure felt insanely tense. Using his power he continued to guide the anchor until it’s collision with the black sub’s engines!

Smashing into the delicate equipment Essex was successful but his minor vision showed him the consequences of doing this as something unavoidable. He let go of the chain to find it had hooked onto his wrist and forearm and was threatening to drag him into the catastrophic engine failure now. Thrashing to be free but to no avail, Essex had only one plan to cheat death… Drawing his cutlass underwater he carved off his own arm to be free of the deathtrap. Nearly passed out from blood loss and half drowned he found himself coming to as one of his men had dragged him onto the flotsam that was once his ship.

The waters were calm and the sun was in the air, his wounds bandaged and he was thankful to be alive. Perhaps it had been the smoldering remains of the vessel that lured another ship but Essex and his bleary eyed men saw freedom … but in truth it was no act of mercy that brought the ship. The ship saw survivors and was a slaver ran ship full of pirates and occultists. The weak remains of his crew were being taken and commanded to submit or die. Kelley’s heart burned with anger he wouldn’t let his sacrifice be meaningless and he would save any and everyone he could including the slaves.

With one arm, Essex dove under the waters and surfaced behind the ship ‘s aft and struggled with one arm climbing the slick wood. it almost seemd hopeless until he saw a rope swaying next to him. Curiously he glanced up to see a cage was feeding him the rope. Reaching the top Essex met a deranged looking old man who simply refereed to himself as “The Squatter.” While the squatter helped him up he told Kelley it was because he didn’t think a cripple could be of much help but it would be amusing to place a bet on him. Giving him an Ordic Black Penny with a cackle Essex made his way into the guts of the ship to discover a Fully operational Buccaneer Warjack beneath the hull, Disposing of the mechanik Essex struggled to get the machine working finding it’s coal feed fully stocked and filling the boiler to full. He however couldn’t get access to it’s cortex or ignition panel as it was locked up.

Frustrated and woosie Essex just about gave up knowing he would be discovered soon when the dull like of the ships own furnace shined “just right” on the jack showing it’s screws securing the panel and cortex… they were thin bout thin enough for a black penny. Mind racing he latched to the token provided to him as a joke and smirk saying “A fitting tool for a strange old man. You just freed this entire ship old man!” Popping off the plates preventing access Essex reached into it’s Cortex and ignited the boiler… Penny was born. In a bloody mutiny aboard a slaver ship Essex and penny raised the slaves of the ship against their wardens and in a bloody charge the ship was a freed Ordic Naval Vessel Under Essex’s banner.

Finding out that this vessel was officially sanctioned by the High Captains of Five Fingers Essex couldn’t believe he had served a military which didn’t have the ability to stop something like the port of Deceit in dealing with something as fundamental as slavery. Feeling his entire purpose in the military had been a waste Essex took this Ship naming it The Anchor’s Bane as he sees no point in “letting it get comfy” anymore.

Kelley Essex

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