Lidda McClay

Engineer Assisttant


A young girl in her recent twenties, with a tall toned figure from plenty of hard labor on machines. Wearing a leather conductor’s hat that fails to hold in a head full of curly, neck length brunete hair.


Lidda McClay is the younger sister to Admiral Lucan McClay, who was an old childhood friend of Kelley Essex, After Carre Dova was inspected by the navy from an anonymous tip from the crew Lidda caught word her brother found the boy she had the longest crush on and better yet he was a pirate now to boot. Just to rile her brother, as well as try and make Kelley keep an old promise Lidda packed up every tool she could think of and made her way to the Anchor’s Bane.

Since aboard the ship despite the crews original distrust of Lidda she apparently has had no problem earning the trust of the crew. Pulling extra shifts, looking out for Oriana Ironfist, shouting at Kerchak Steamfist to get back to work, and occasionally joining Balthier Zangurak Teremex for his morning drills on the maindeck to keep in shape. Despite being related to an high ranking Ordic Naval officer she is clearly serving the Anchor’s Bane Admirably.

While it didn’t take long Lidda seduced Kelley Essex while some think that is what cemented her stay aboard the vessel most the officers caught the Captain in his antics before a meeting and know that likely isn’t the case.

Lidda McClay

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