Lilith "Lil" Enady

Mechanik Cadet


With light blonde hair and cold eyes Lilith is fairly grown up for a young girl her age. While not fully developed she draws an unsavory eye from ship hands. Neither Kelley Essex or Lidda McClay will stand for anyone to oggle her. She is tall for someone her age and maybe doesn’t have the best build for a mechanik engineer.


Lillith was born in Midfast and given up for adoption before her father a Cygnaran ranger died in service to his country. Unfortunately due to gambling debts her step mother inherited due to his demise she wanted nothing to do with raising Lilith at even the tender age to 8. for the last five years Lilith endured the torments of the Menite Orphanage “Chalk Wall”. She mentally never fully recovered from that place and prefers to almost never speak unless demanded to.

She keeps to herself and thinks little of her own self worth often apologizing for mundane almost unnoticeable things. Lidda McClay & Oriana Ironfist Do their best to intice her out of her own shell of doubt it it has yet to happen.

Lilith "Lil" Enady

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