Lorita Ginori

Powder Monkey to Gunnery Sergeant Gorgol


Wearing comfortable shorts and and a sleeveless dirty shirt this young girl has some very tomboyish features. Sporting some stolen goggles and some of the cleanest rags aboard the ship this little girl strides confidently among grizzled pirates.


“Lo” received her nickname by coincidence when she was mistaken for a young boy for two solid fort nights aboard the Anchor’s Bane. When it was discovered she was a defenseless little girl by some of the crew turned their minds to less than virtuous plans for her. In the middle of the night she was woken up the drunken grasping hands of three recently press ganged crewmembers. Fleeing from her berth and hiding inside the gundeck it was the deaf Gorgol Turnok who forced these lecherous sailors to reconsider their plans. Kicking in the knee of one of the men so hard Cinsyr the Surgeon was forced to chop the leg off due to the amount of fracturing the femur endured.

When word went around of Lo’s gender and age it seemed cruel to the captain to keep her press ganged. When sitting down with the girl the Captain showed her something she never expected Mercy and Revenge. He and the Quartermaster listened carefully as she told them her tale of being press ganged because she was mistaken for a boy and the attempted rape and the aid Gorgol gave her.

Essex promised to return her to the mainland soon as her could, he told her that the sailor would never hurt anyone again. But Lorita was sharp and she realized what the captain planned to do, she demanded to watch. As the dreaded Termon Lugosh showed by he had earned the title “The Lash” to the entire boat she smiled wide watching him writhe. Before his final moment It was the captain who said “Ye really are a miserable bastard aren’t ya? Missin’ a leg, flayed to death and humiliated before a little girl to boot. One things fer certain though, when the horrors that be stalking Urcean get a sight of ye, they’ll be known not to mess with her.” He said pointing to Lorita before putting a bullet between his eyes.

When silence had gripped the ship and the remains tossed over, Lorita realized she never wanted to Leave the Anchor’s Bane again as Gorgol offered her a rag and Essex promoted her to his personal assist.

Lorita Ginori

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