Malcolm Silverstone

First Mate


Malcolm stands tall for a Midlunder, over six foot four inches tall and powerfully built he was an ideal recruit for Cygnar’s Trencher Academy. He bares many battlefield scars but a charming smile and demeanor all the same, which speaks of a mental strength just as much as physical to deal with the horrors of war.


Malcolm is a young man who served his country of Cygnar for seven years in Cygnar’s Fourth Army, part of the Sixth Platoon and held the rank of Lieutenant. While reporting directly to a captain, the true superior to his platoon was the CRS (Cygnaran Reconaissance Service) as his unit supported a contingent of rangers who relayed information direction to the captain of their company.

Malcolm at the young age of 16 fought infrequently against mercenaries and rebels to the crown, the skirmishing forces of Cryx, but very commonly against the Troll-kin who encroached on Cygnaran interests and lands. Malcolm was eventually wounded by a United Kriels unit of rangers that nearly wiped out the sixth Platoon.

After heavy injury and debriefing Malcolm was given discharge due to his injuries. After two years of recovery Mr. Silverstone applied his work ethic working for a retired Cygnaran soldier who gave him work as a sailor. He became an able-bodied seaman over his next few years regarding his strength and dexterity through hard back breaking working for another three years. Malcolm always knew his income was less than fair but he couldn’t ignore it any longer having to live in squalor like his employer. He moved onto Five Fingers taking what he had earned and trying to start his own fishing business to find the competitive market was too strong. Rather than compete Malcolm recently found a dubious group of men and women willing to hire on and pay at decent rates called The Anchor’s Bane.

Malcolm found himself a place full of worthy fighters and like minded hard workers. It wasn’t until a month into service he realized he had been employed into service by pirates recently turned Privateers for the Nation of Ord. Malcolm realized that the only way to become recognized is to do something daring so he challenged his commanding officer to a duel in the middle of daily drills. Atticus Sweet Accepted and demonstrated his skill with a sword humbling the veteran in the middle of the weatherdeck. Rather than take it personally, Malcolm respected the man for putting him in his place he saw a military officer in the man and fondly looks after the man knowing with a little bit of support he could do great things on the ship.

Malcolm Silverstone

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