Maria Normel

fist of the prophet


A stoic fighter, whose fists and faith speak volumes alone.


Maria has no memories of anything outside of when she woke up surrounded by the Normel family at age 12. They say she ran into town scrapped and bruised as if she ran through the forest for days screaming for help before she passed out. She was out for three days before she woke, only remembering her first name and nothing else.

The Normel family took her in.The wife, Laura Normel was not able to be bear children and treated Maria as her own. The husband Matthew Normal was the local carpenter and was respected for his archery. Maria showed great promise for hand to hand combat and joined the Order. She joined the Iron Fox to make money while looking for the artifacts of Morrow.

Maria, though fearsome and powerful was brought down by by none other than Captain Kelley Essex after she witnessed Tyson Delsol killed before her eyes.

Maria Normel

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