Morgan Ulvari

First Mate


A cool demeanor on his face in most circumstances, this calm and collected man shows the evidence of good breeding, applied skill and precision in almost anything he does. His outfit holds evidence of Ordic officers uniform and a duelist sword on his side and a ornate looking repeater pistol.


Morgan Ulvari is Captain Kelley Essex‘s recently re-promoted 1st mate. This was a rank he previously enjoyed until Jehremi Chaeffer came aboard the ship. As the First Mate, Morgan’s duties are to review the preformance of the other officers under the captain’s command. He is given the authority to reassign men and women to new officers or stations aboard the vessel as the need arrises and to ensure the demands of the ship’s crew are communicated to the Captain.

Orginally Morgan Ulvari was the ship’s first mate until Jehremi Chaeffer began to show promise as an outstanding potential aboard the ship. Ulvari despised the man as he didn’t respect the chain of command and commited terrible atrocities to sailors out at sea not befitting anyone but Sharde pirates.

Kelley Essex Promoted Jeremiah Chaeffer after Morgan proved more focused on arranging for Chaeffer’s death than completing his duties. Morgan demanded to have this dishonor avenged and earned by challenging Chaeffer to a duel. Putting up a surprising fight with the Thamarite Morgan Ulvari was deafeat and nearly mortally wounded. The shame of his defeat broke him for a time as he accepted the role as Navigator.

Ulvari is a man who is catious beyond measure and his prudence is often a hinderance. Rather than struggle for a desired effect, First Mate Ulvari would research, repeat or continue a task until it is something completely dominated by himself or the men he gave the order to. An example is his frequent order to swab the deck no less than four times.

Despite his quirks Morgan Ulvari has strong convicitions about his decisions, he is unlikely swayed from his stances and has stood up to immense opposition without an ounce of doubt. He possesses formal duelist training having been trained as a boy by a famed Ordic Fencer by the name of Barvo the Blade.

Morgan Ulvari is a man who is convinced easily by supersititons and has developed the belief that the unwholesome stranger who is imprisioned in a Gibbet at the aft end of the ship known as “The Squatter” is a cursed man who is providing a minor benefit to the ship. He has expressed that the Squatter is a metaphorical Albatross who takes on all the bad luck that follows the Anchor’s Bane and stores it away. He states that he beleives that if the Squatter were to be killed his vile fates will spill out onto the ship. As a result Morgan Ulvari doesn’t like people interacting with this stranger and often has killed members of the ship who try to harm the old man.

In the end Morgan Ulvari is a veteran aboard the Anchor’s Bane but his sanity is often questioned in secret by others. No matter the opinion they agree that Mr. Ulvari is clever enough and dangerous enough not to indulge the modest requests he makes.

Morgan Ulvari

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