Morrick Quakestone

Sea Dog Streetwiser


A bit more stout than more Dwarfs, he has developed a taste for typical human attire. Sporting a drab brown cheap leather duster a simple pistol normally tucked in his sash or belt, two piercing in his right ear and a pendant of the Great Fathers dangling from his neck. He has a look of a quick wit but and minor glare at all times.


Originally making his first appearance in Luck Be Damned Morrick proved himself a seasoned hustler in Five Fingers.

Morrick is a gambler through and through in Five Fingers. He never made it big time as it was perhaps his Dwarven sensibilities of only making wise progress in life. He is the type to bluff to win at cards or most things in life if it works but isn’t above hard work either. He appears to get hate being called a cheater and often will come to blows with anyone with a quick fuse to boot on insults as he has immense instilled loyalty for his sir.

He states that one of his ancestors got so mad in a dispute he caused an earthquake which defeated an entire encroaching army with one massive punch. While only the youngest on board believe it no one has the guts to tell him otherwise.

Morrick has recently fallen in a deep romantic connection with Oriana Ironfist and the two agreed to marriage after they tended to one another during the passing of her Father.

Morrick Quakestone

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