Oriana Quakestone

Chief Engineer


Ori is a compact, stout and hardy little dwarf with ginger hair sloppily pulled away from her face so she can work. When she’s not in her battle gear, she wears old but well tended pants & shirt with a rough-knit jacket covered in old grease and soot stains. Even when she’s working on her beloved machines, her mechanika shotgun is never far from her grasp. “You never know when a scuffle’s gonna happen. ‘Being prepared keeps you breathin,’ pop’d always say.”


Oriana is young, strong & stubborn as hell. Sometimes her mouth will get her into trouble because she just can’t help voicing her opinion. “Ori, you’re as hard as flint & twice as fiery,” her father would say with a grin when she would really get in a huff. She’s a good enough soul even though her moral compass doesn’t exactly point due North. She can never stand to see someone hurting, but she’ll kill a man if it means protecting her own.

Her father, Bartrand Ironfist, is a worker jack mechanic & he heavily indulged & encouraged her fondness for machines. As soon as she was old enough to hold a wrench, she insisted that her father let her be his apprentice. Much to her mother’s distaste, he agreed. She showed a real knack for the work. As she got older, she started teaching herself about mechanika. She would “liberate” any spare parts she could find & eventually built her own Grundback Blaster whom she dubbed Reginald, “Reggie” for short.

Her mother became sick when she was an adolescent. The sickness was incurable and her mother was quickly bed-ridden. It took her after a few months, which in retrospect Ori felt was a kindness because her mother suffered every day until the end. Unfortunately the loss of his wife broke Bartrand’s spirit. His work suffered, he began drinking more & gambling heavily to distract himself from the pain. His debts built up quick & Ori had to work doubly hard to pick up the slack.

When she was 17 she signed up with the Iron Fox mercenary group. The pay was good and her talents with mechanika & jacks were welcomed by the company. She fell into the mercenary life quickly & quite frankly, she loved the freedom of it. Even though her new life excited her, she couldn’t always fight off the homesickness. Eventually the other mechaniks became like a second family. Ori was never in a position of command, but her talent earned her the respect of her fellow gear-heads. Her jack marshaling & magical abilities endeared her to Captain Cradivin further and he was willing to overlook her occasional clumsiness with her shotgun, aptly named “Duck” by the men. “If I see a shot I’m going to take it & I give ‘em a damn fair warning. It’s not my fault if they can’t dodge fast enough!”

The first few years after leaving home, Ori tried to write her father as often as possible. At first his responses were almost as numerous. The letters used to just be friendly; advice on mechanika, tricks for jack maintenance, life updates & the like. After a while they started to be all focused on money. She’d try & humor her father but she could only give him so much & her patience quickly began to wear thin. Her stipends would be mailed with harshly written lectures to Bartrand about how he was bringing himself & their family name to ruin. In her heart though, she knew it would do no good because the only way to get through to him would be to cut him off completely. She could never bring herself to pull such a harsh move against him. Over the years Bartand’s letters have become less frequent & more often than not, they still include a request for a loan. Despite her father’s vices & their strained relationship, Ori loves him dearly & still sends him some of her pay when she can (albeit a much smaller portion than she used to give him) to try & help him out.

5 years into her tenure with Iron Fox, they began working with some privateers from The Anchor’s Bane. Ori didn’t really know why, nor did she care to. She only focused on doing what Captain Cradivin said was the current mission & keeping her jacks in prime condition. She had known her Captain was extremely opportunist but she had also thought that he still had some honor to him. After he showed his true nature by turning his back on the town of Bolten that sorely needed help to take the offer of the charming nobleman Gabriel Mateu, Ori left the company in disgust taking Reggie with her. After working with Chaffer, the acting captain of the Anchor’s Bane & what remained of his crew for a while & sharing their sorrow over the tragedy of Bolten, she decided to join the crew & become a sailor herself. After being on the boat for only 24 hours, she’s found herself in an officer’s position on the ship. Though extremely perplexed by this, she’ll be damned if she lets anybody down.

Soon after landing in Five Fingers, Oriana was tricked into entering a jack fighting competition at the infamous Vault by one of her engineers. While inside, she realized that her optimistic and naive views of the world were more idealistic than she thought. If the bloodthirsty and ruthless nature of the other competitors as well as the mob-like crowds didn’t traumatize Ori, being forced to battle her own father Bartrand when him losing meant his death nearly did. Before her final battle was finished, the man formerly known as Atticus Sweets launched his plan to disrupt the Vault with his staged Marionette Killer attack. Ori, trapped in a suspended cage and surrounded by chaos became panicked. Her father rushed to try and save her only to be shot and killed by the ringleader of the Vault. Captain Essex gunned the ringleader down in immediate vengeance for Ori’s father but it wasn’t enough to soothe her. Once freed, she picked up Bartrand’s corpse, hailed Grudge and carved a large and destructive path through Five Fingers back to the Anchor’s Bane to properly care for the body.

Since the Vault, Ori had changed. She was no longer the happy-go-lucky engineer. She was hardened, quiet, and rarely showed emotions other than a grim hatred for Five Fingers. Her only solace was working with the machines. A few weeks after the Vault, Morrick Quakestone Introduced himself even though she had no interest in interacting with anything that wasn’t machinery or alcohol. The song he sang to her on their first meeting was a song long forgotten to Ori. It was a song she had heard her father sing many times as a child. His persistant need to speak to her every time he saw her was quite annoying at first. Slowly but surely (and sometimes against her will) he started to bring her back. Morrick’s silver tongue, songs, cleverness, patience, and kindness eventually won Ori over. She became more animated and started to find joy in life again. She found herself falling in love with this man very quickly. After the pain and troubles of Five Fingers, the horror of the War of Masks and other battles, she had found a beacon of hope in Morrick. They were wed 2 1/2 months after the War of Masks in the company of their close friends and shipmates.

Oriana Quakestone

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