"The Little Lady of Luck"


Standing nearly 9 feet tall and weighing 3 tons, this jack looks nimble and graceful yet rushes to intercept frightening levels of damage for her master. Wielding a humble Gaff hook, buckler and nets this Buccaneer chasis has a number of odd upgrades within it’s frame such a jury-rigged arcane turbine inside it’s boiler for break-neck speed and Gyroscopic Calibrators to help it maintain unnaturally good balance.


Kelley Essex‘s personal warjack, sporting the tried and tested Buccaneer Chasis this jack sports frightening levels of grace and fluidity. Penny was originally gathering dust in the storage holds of his soon-to-be ship, currently called “The Twisting Shackle.” With ampuation and severe blood loss Kelley Essex struggled to pry open the protective hatch around the Jack’s Cortex. Having given up all hope and feeling the life flowing out of him the glint of a rust covered Ordic Black Penny fell into view, making it the perfect tool to remove the screws securing the cortex in place.

Touching into it’s Cortex, Essex could feel a washing sense of gratitude surround him. A powerful loyalty burned inside the light warjack as if it was glad to be alive once again. Sensing her masters desperation she grabbed him and threw him on her back fighting across the boat and helping Essex start a riot aboard the ship.

Were it not for the tenacity of this warjack Essex may has very well died onboard the slaver vessel, meaning “The ship that never lingers” might have remained “The ship that always delivers…”


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