Rana of the Iron Sand

Vagabond of Menoth


A extremely fit looking woman with a fearsome expression, Rana stands an impressive six foot tall and might infrequently be mistaken for a man. With wrapped knuckles and toned muscle Rana is a woman most would be wise to steer clear of.


Very little is known of this Menite vagabond of Five Fingers. She speaks of visions from the creator Menoth, god of mankind has given her when seeking enlightenment. Having confronted Jehremi Chaeffer before fearlessly demanding the sacred firebrand blade and armor of a fallen paladin of The Wall she proved her will over the Thamarite though he was cleverly able to pilfer the rune plate of it’s mechanika retrofitting the armor to his own suit of armor.

Rana has been seen in pit fightings arenas in Black Wake Isle but appears to be a slave to no one or a pirate. he motivations and desires are truly bizarre and her own but her potency in combat has never been in doubt.

Rana of the Iron Sand

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