Sasha Cradivin

The Red Fox


Tall lean and very in shape, Sasha was very beautiful despite the occasional scar. Her body is that a warrior woman in her prime more than capable of dual wield combat while clad in her own tailored plate armor with nimble ease. She bears a terrible scar across the left side of her face which appears to be a shrapnel and burn wound.


Originally making her first appearance in A killer in Red Sasha has proved herself a potent combatant in close quarters fighting.

The illegitimate daughter of James Cradivin Sasha was taken away from her humble life once her mother passed away. Always told to never acknowledge their bond Sasha was a perky and happy friend to many of the Members of the Iron Fox Company. However, after becoming romantically interested in Gabriel Mateu after he flirted with her she became fiercely loyal of the man despite his shifty personality convinced she could live an elegant and civil life with him.

Sadly, she was abandoned by the cavorting nobleman once reaching Five Fingers and returning to his estate. Convinced she needed to earn his affection she strive to work for the Mateu’s as long as possible. Until a chance encounter turned unstable against Balthier Zangurak Teremex, Wilkens Greyweather and Oriana Ironfist left a terribly painful scar across half of her face.

Consumed with shame and grief Sasha would have taken out her anger over knowing she’d never be loved by Gabriel now on everyone around her except the Entire Iron Fox Company was arrested as treasonous, traitors and arsonists for an attempt at trying to hi-jack a naval ship to flee the city. She and her father were freed by Atticus Sweet in preparation for the War of Masks against The Marionette Killer.

Sasha Cradivin

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