Simon Skallet

Chief Engineer


Simon Skallet is an older man with a thin frame but very stern eyes. Perhaps in his early fifties Simon looks to be a man in fine shape for his age with grey hair and vibrantly blue eyes and normally a 5 o’ clock shadow and oil caked fingers and mess laden apron.


Simon Skallet was a native born of Five Fingers, following in his grandfather’s foot steps of underwater salvage within Five Fingers. Inheriting his business at the young age of fourteen Simon made plenty of mistakes as such a young youth and rebelled against the idea of being nothing more than a glorified tug boat owner.

However without his father around in his formative year Simon quickly learned that life could have been much worse on the streets. Eventually embraced the life of a humble merchant and jack repair shop. Plying his trade for the last three decades has made him a great teacher and businessman on Chaser Island. During the War of Masks his shop was attacked by a large cell of Content Not Found: null’s puppets. While most of the shop was lost a few labor jacks and warjacks were saved and joined Morrick Quakestone in holding down the fort at Crane Port.

Simon was considering rebuilding until reached out to by Atticus Sweet personally requesting to purchase his ‘jacks. When Simon wouldn’t offer him a Deal Atticus instead offered him a position originally saved for Helena Lilanovich as his Chief Engineer. Simon accepted but only under the pretense this wasn’t to steal his warmachines.

Atticus was honest and upfront mentioning that he did want them but instead would work out a leasing program until the ship struck it reach enough to buy them outright. Simon agreed to the deal knowing it would mean he would make a pretty penny and coin.

Simon truly wanted to accept because he never had a chance to really live it up and his brush with death during the war of Masks made him realize his best years are past him and he’d be damn if he didn’t take this chance to live life to the fullest and see foreign locales.

Simon Skallet

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