Thaddeus Finnley



A rather gangley blonde haired man with distinct caspain features and accent. Sporting a bushy mustache and near mirror shined blast goggles. Normally strapped on his shoulder is a Cruicble 308 Special Heavy Rifle with full compliment of various specialized ammunition. Having some how mixed the splendor of a Caspian gentleman and noble with that of a gruff huntsman Thaddeus sports fine jewelrey and practical equipment meant for roughing it… in style.


Lord Thaddeus Elijah Finnley grew up in the courts of nobility and politics. His family hailed from a long line that lead the small barony of Whitewood, a land nestled close to Cygnar’s capital, Caspia. Due to it’s proxminity to the capital the lands of whitewood were fairly versed in paying their tithe through farming and livestock producing a fairly boring life for any young boy who thirsted for adventure like young Thaddeus.

One year his uncle Horeck took the young suitor in training onto a hunt with some veterans of of the Crown. Mostly rangers and trenchers, Thaddeus heard the bravodic stories of his uncle and these old soldiers. They were inspiring epics which highlighted the exploits of simple ordinary men becoming heroes of thier decade through the hunts and achievements they earned. To Thaddeus this creed of life was foreign, it was strange to not be provided for or to struggle to achieve something. The idea stuck with him and he found himself more and more respecting the hard work the people of his father’s land put into their own work.

Thaddeus’ father however was a man who had no love for artistry, effort or struggle. He desired simple execution and delivery of orders. it wasn’t long till the Finnley family line was approached with offers made by emergent factories and warehouses want to add progress to the the sleepy lands of Whitewood. Thaddeus’ father would agree to these businessmen and Thaddeus saw the love people put into their work and the fertile lands that provided great hunts slowly faded away leaving nothing but the thin layers of soot and coal that coated his once wonderful inheritance.

Thaddeus had though of joining the military and requested to join the Cygnaran Reconiassance Service but failed the preliminaries draft required to be inducted. Choosing to request entry into the Trencher Training Program he was deemed unfit for trench warefare due to “His Voice”. Ashamed and dissapointed he could not garner a reputation similar to his uncle or his comrades Thaddeus despaired realizing he would inheirt only a wasteland of somewhat noxious industry.

On his way back to Whitewood, young Lord Finnley found his escourt attacked by a monsterous Argus Beast. The mongrel killed most of the escourt and Thaddeus found no courage in his heart as he fled into the woods. To his dismay the beast hunted and stalked him in the wilderness. Thaddeus thought he was dead for sure if he kept running and found himself exhausted. Tired of running he decided his only chance was to outsmart the hound. Thaddeus lured the beast under a bridge he had always known to be unsafe. Rather than fire at the beast with his shaky hand he decided to remove all the gunpowder of his shells and put it into one empty grenade casing. When the beast came near he pulled the Pin and waited till the last minute for the beast to rush him and attack him while he was directly under the bridge. As it lunged Finley Took his rifle and clubbed the beast in a savage… but pathetic flailing which didn’t harm the beast but confused it greatly as though he were about to do something dangerous.

The breif pause was more than enough as The Greathunstmans Thaddeus Finnley bolted the moment her heard the explosion of the makeshift bomb he created and the rubble of the cobble stone bridge came crashing down right on top of the Argus. After the rubble settled the cowardice in Thaddeus heart was forever banished by the excitement that destructive and irresponsible explosion caused. Despite most hunters and soliders knowing better Thaddeus felt certain that this feeling sweeling up inside of him must be the fondness he heard from those vetted men so long ago. he felt strong and proud connecting that immense moment of wreckless colateral damage as akin to something as a keen eyed huntsman out stalking his prey.

Since this time Thaddeus has enjoyed seemingly deadlier and deadlier tools of devastation finding the Crucicble 308 special to be his favorite by far as a versatile tool. In truth this weapon mutilates most bodies making it a poor tool for a hunter who wishes to take trophies. This ironically is not a concern to Thaddeus who actually buys his trophies off auction and shamelessly fabricates stories of how he outwitted the beast in question.

Finnley is very capable of hunting and stalking as he has picked up skill over time and practice but it never seems to be at the forefront of his mind. He would prefer to terrify his prey with loud frightful booms and rapid muzzle flash or underhanded techniques like landmines. All the same he is fully capable as a killer of monsters and animals and he always considers if he actually has/could/should buy a trophy of the calibur presented. In short he likely buys these trophies because he is so terrible as getting them he feels iit’s overdue that he claimed one by right.

Thaddeus Finnley

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