The Squatter

Wretch of the Anchor's Bane


A lanky and feeble looking old man who is normally sealed away inside a constricting gibbet. His stench is awful, his body appears to be fading from hunger and he shakes as though wrought with illness.


The Squatter is an enigma aboard the Anchor’s Bane. Have been shielded for years by Morgan Ulvari and saying that he is a cursed man who should be left alone unless his curse were to pour out onto the ship. His cage didn’t appear to be made by human hands and recently was discovered as being Iosan in craft. The Squatter seems to understand how his cage works and leaves it as he pleases but only while others aren’t watching.

The Squatter is a prankster aboard the ship keeping superstitions alive and well on the boat while mocking and taunting somber and serious moods and tragedies. It wasn’t until recently that the Squatter proved he anything but a feeble old man. He has inhuman strength and agility as well the gift of magic and the supernatural ability of immortality. When Jehremi Chaffer decapitated the old man, and stabbed him through the heart he found moments later the old man sprung into action snapping his head back into place and nearly strangling Chaeffer to death.

Currently the Squatter is submerged and attached to the Anchor of the ship with the officers unable to understand what exactly to do with the Squatter to stop him as he goes where he pleases and does what he pleases.

A discussion between Kelley Essex and Chaffer discovered that the Squatter may infact see the future similar to Kelley Essex or perhaps is using the captain’s ability in close proximity to him. Either way the Squatter remains consistent on one thing. Jehremi Chaffer will get the entire crew killed.

The Squatter

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