Tyson Delsol

Hunter In the Order of Illumination


Tyson Delsol is a rather enigmatic man with short black hair and brillantly green eyes. He seems cunning and clever with nimble manerisms and a kind heart. He wears silver and white armor which thrums with quite divine mechanika devices for improved reactions in combat. Sporting a dual mage lock pistol in his holster, a ceremonial mace on his hip and a locked tome affixed to his belt.


“Our powers were granted in the bleakest hour, by the darkest of powers. It falls to us to bring light from that darkness, and promote the spark of knowledge rather than the fires of damnation.”

What is know of Tyson is that he is a Hunter within the Order of Illumination. He seeks to study magic and the divine in harmony paying homage to Morrow and his Ascendants but as per the mandates of his order learned verses and hymms spoke of Thamar and her dark scions. Tyson is a man who has only revealed little about himself, he was once an vagrant unaligned Llaelesse gunmage before Khador’s invasion. Tyson confesses openly he was not a noble man in his past and was not unlike a common gun for hire with his magical skills.

Though he has not said what spurned his change he devoted himself to Morrow and soon found himself becoming the man who tread in the dark places Morrow’s Light wouldn’t reach to remove threats before they even became them.

Tyson shares a history with Jehremi Chaeffer, having originally pursued him for investigations into the Havershaw’s Harriers Incident that took place in Five Fingers two years ago. Capturing him and forcing him to flee it was by mere chance they meet again in Carre Dova. Rather than finish the unresolved matter Tyson stated he had moved on to other concerns but wouldn’t overlook his past transgessions but it wasn’t in his best intrests to kill Chaeffer any longer.

Tyson offered Chaeffer a deal, volunteer to testify at the trial of High Captain Riorodan inside Five Fingers as a witness to the Havershaw’s Folly Incident and lessen his own personal verdict. Chaeffer has accepted his offer but it remains to be seen if he will follow it.

Invariably, Tyson’s pursuit of justice proved his undoing while trying to escort Jehremi Chaeffer to Ord’s capital to wait the Order of Illumination’s judgement the Anchor’s Bane freed their first mate in a bloody battle between, mercenaries, the Chruch or Morrow and the nightmare empire. Tyson was executed by Az Ekka/Uladar during negotiations for his release from the Anchor’s Bane.

Tyson Delsol

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