Veronica Du Bray

The Harlot with a Heart


A voluptuous, well endowed woman with curves, looks and a decadent gaze and a disarming smile. long curly dark brunette hair and steel colored eyes, she easily embodies the all the qualities men lust after.


Originally found on a small harbor town west of Carre Dova the once timid and shy Ms. Du Bray came forth to Captain Kelley Essex that she was attempting to avoid an arranged marriage from her husband a noble from Lleal who left as a Result of the Khadorian invasion. A timid man who unwholesome man taking her virginity set wrong with her, paying Essex to keep her virtue intact while she could escape into Cygnar and build herself a new life.

Quickly making friends aboard the ship it became clear the woman had a clear gift in her voice to sing and had taken many lessons as a young girl learning formal dance. during the course of three days Essex and his crew faced off a hired gunman and entourage awaiting them at Five Fingers.

Getting into a thick fight and managing to pull out of Harbor with the aid of one of the Pirate Lords of the city Essex found himself in his chambers with the young woman who gave herself to him in a spontaneous show of gratitude. It woke something up int he girl, she realized how restrained she had been her entire life and simply smiled the next day expecting to be treated like any other ship hand.

It isn’t unfair to say that morale raises and falls with the height of her skirt and has and more than likely will remain a integral part of the Anchor’s Bane.

Veronica Du Bray

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