Chief Necrotech of the Devil's Larder


A grim countenance to be sure, the bloated shilloette of this dark and miserable form is unmistakably unnatural. Vileknot’s body is woven into the Necromechanikal devices which keep his body suspended like a grim metal spider. His face is stitched together from the remains of his face with pipes and tubing woven throughout his rotten flesh.


Very little is known about the ominous Necrotech of Cryx. What is for certain is he once was under the banner of the Sloop ship “The Red Revenge” captained by captain Maghada McCallahan who sought the death of Captain Jarod Evermore.

After the ship was destroyed, Vileknot proved his genius having already outfitted both himself and his Mechanthralls with amphibious technology. looking the scraps of the ship and slinked off under the water with many spoils of the ship.

Vileknot now serves Erdrick Chaffer, another captain bound up in the fates of Cryx. Making a notable appearance during Dread in Service, Vileknot is both a genius inventor and mechnic but also a terribly potent spellcaster as well. One would surmise that he tends to Captain Chaffer’s necromechanika body parts.


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