Wailan Enul

Cabin Boy


Short dirty blonde hair, light tanned Thurian skin-tone, steel colored eyes and a slim frame for a boy just budding into his teen years.


Not much is known about Wailan other than he came from a Menite orphanage called “Chalk Wall” from inside Five Fingers. His memory of his parents is minor at best but he remembers that he has always lived in Five Fingers and his parents died in a fire on Cartwell Street. While they were in their apartment he was thrown out from a window into King’s Channel and nearly drown. When he came too abbey mother Agatha Winifred was his caregiver now. He never speaks highly of her.

Wailan is new to ships but not to the lingo or orders having grown up in Five Fingers. He really admires Captain Kelley Essex, likely due to his independent streak and over-all kind attitude and the fact he’ll occasional offer Wailan a shot of Spirits for a good job of his duties.

Wailan Enul

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